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10 Days In Sun City !!TOP!!

10 days in Sun City is a 2017 Nigerian romantic action comedy film which premiered on 17 June 2017.[2][3][4] It is executively produced by AY Makun, who is also a lead character in the film.[5] It is directed by Adze Ugah, written by Kehinde Ogunlola and produced by Darlington Abuda.[4][6] The film is the third installment in the Akpos Adventure franchise and was shot at locations in Lagos and Johannesburg, South Africa.[2]

10 Days In Sun City

Reviewed by: 10 days in Suncity dir. by Adze Ugah Gloria Ernest-Samuel Adze Ugah, director. 10 days in Suncity. 2017. 90 minutes. English. Nigeria. Corporate World Entertainment. No price reported. Producer Ayo Magun's 10 days in Suncity, directed by award-winning South Africa-based Nigerian director Adze Ugah, is one of Nollywood's most hyped recent movies. Written by Kehinde Ogunlola, the film is a combination of comedy, thriller, action, afro pop, and tourism. Shot on location in Lagos, Nigeria, and Suncity, South Africa, in 2017, it features the humor for which the comedian-producer is popularly known and passes as a comic tourist film more than anything else. Although the producer claims the film has won several awards in many international film festivals, the only confirmed recognition is a nomination by City People Movie Awards for Best Movie of the Year (English). However, the film's popularity seems assured among film-loving audiences in Africa due to its choice tourist locations and parade of A-list stars in Nigeria and South Africa.

10 days in Suncity's narrative revolves around a generic "grass to grace" story, told through the lives of Bianca (Adesua Etomi) and her boyfriend Akpos (Ayo Makun [AY]), who believe in Bianca's future as a beauty contest queen. The duo arrives in Lagos as Bianca is poised to compete in the national beauty pageant as the Delta State contestant, with Akpos as her manager. Fortunately, Bianca wins the pageant, which is sponsored by a cosmetic magnate, Otunba (Richard Mofe Damijo). Besides becoming the face of Otawi, Otunba's cosmetic brand, Bianca is assigned to have a ten-day photo shoot in Suncity, South Africa, as part of the contract. On arriving in Suncity, Bianca and Akpos become entangled in webs of intrigue, clashes of interests, and ultimately a love triangle. The allures of the city draw flirtatious Akpos away from a jealous Bianca, while Otunba sets Akpos up in order to get him out of the way so that he (Otunba) can seduce Bianca. Akpos collaborates with Miguel Nunez Jr.(another of Otunba's victims, who has scores to settle with Otunba) to rescue Bianca from the influential sponsor who holds her hostage. At the end, Otunba is defeated, and Akpos makes up with Bianca.

Back on terra firma, find your legs with a guided tour of the city. Explore Cape Town's different historical periods as you visit some of the city's most famous sites, including Company's Garden, the Houses of Parliament, the 17th Century Castle of Good Hope, and the Slave Lodge Museum. Along the way, you'll learn about South Africa's extraordinary history and the people who shaped it. Afterward, head to the V&A Waterfront and dine at one of the many child-friendly restaurants overlooking the ocean.

Spend a relaxed last day in Cape Town, soaking up the vibe and exploring one of the city's top family-friendly attractions. Located on the waterfront, the Two Oceans Aquarium showcases a vast selection of marine life from the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, including sharks, penguins, turtles, and octopuses. Kids will love getting up close and personal with these incredible species from behind the glass, viewing windows, and discovering the lesser-known species, such as Knysna seahorses, cryptic klipfish, and sea stars.

Say goodbye to Sun City this morning as you transfer three hours southeast to Johannesburg, South Africa's most diverse, vibrant, progressive, and welcoming city. With a fantastic dining, music, and arts scene, its family-friendly Gold Reef City Theme Park, and proximity to Soweto, South Africa's largest township, the city wears its culture, activism, and optimism with pride.

The movie revolves around a journey to the tourism cash-cow of Northern West Province of South Africa, Sun City. It sheds light on the flash points that make the city a vacation destination coupled with a high profile cast list and a general comic feel.

Sun City, South AfricaAY who is confident that the 10 days in Sun City movie will shatter his existing World Guinness Book of Records movie, A trip to Jamaica earnings urges Nigerians to go see the movie which will automatically inform their decision to go holiday in the resort.

For Jennifer Beattie, Group Manager, Africa Sales and Marketing at Sun International, owners of Sun City Resort, the 10 days in Sun City movie is an ideal platform to showcase the exceptional offerings of the Sun International properties.

The premiere of the 10 days in Sun City movie at the Federal Palace Hotel in Lagos brought together the who is who in the entertainment industry in Nigeria. History was made in 1979 when Sun City was opened in the North West province of South Africa to become the best holiday resort. 041b061a72


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