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Buy Wheelchair Van

If you plan on driving the vehicle, your choice is simple. Side-entry vans are the only type to accommodate drivers in wheelchairs. Rear-entry vehicles limit a person in a wheelchair to the seating rows behind the driver seat. If you rely on someone else to help you get around, this option provides faster access to the vehicle interior, as you never have to worry about a closely parked car getting in the way of your ramp.

buy wheelchair van


All for-hire vehicle (FHV) bases licensed by the Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) are required to provide equivalent service to passengers who request a wheelchair accessible vehicle. The TLC has two options for bases to provide equivalent service, the Trip Mandate, and the Central Dispatch Exception.

Currently, only owners of wheelchair accessible vehicles and drivers in a lease-to-own agreement may apply for a new FHV vehicle license. You can find more information regarding this requirement on the Get a For-Hire Vehicle License Page. Renewals are not subject to this requirement. Get a For-Hire Vehicle License Page.

Each base decides what information to communicate to the driver when the trip is dispatched. However, if you drive WAV, you and your vehicle should be ready to transport passengers using a wheelchair whenever you are on the road.

The TLC does not require any current licensee to replace a licensed vehicle with a wheelchair accessible vehicle. The decision as to whether or not to put a wheelchair accessible vehicle on an existing TLC vehicle license is yours alone. Drivers may also choose to lease any currently licensed vehicle. As of August 14, 2018, the TLC will issue new FHV vehicle licenses only to Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles during a one-year pause on FHV licensing. Read our 14 August 2018 Press Release No new FHV vehicle licenses for one year and WAV license fee changes (PDF) for more details on this licensing change.

For accurate measurements, physically place yourself in the wheelchair because if you are sitting in the wheelchair while entering the van, you must be able to get through the door without bumping your head. It may seem obvious, but it is the most vital issue people face when finding the right wheelchair van.

One of the most significant considerations when choosing a wheelchair-accessible van is side-entry versus rear-entry. Your decision will influence where a wheelchair can be placed, your capacity to accommodate extra passengers, and your parking alternatives.

Depending on the vehicle you choose you will either have a ramp or a lift. Ramps are overall more convenient and less prone to malfunction. They can be found on all minivan applications and also on some large wheelchair accessible vehicles, too. Ramps have been tested over thousands of cycles and servicing them at a mobility dealer is easy.

Many clients choose to acquire second hand wheelchair vans and mobility devices. Others anticipate a low-use or short-term requirement, which allows them to be more forgiving of a car with some age and/or miles on it. The selection of secondhand accessible vehicles we have available is extensive.

If you are flexible, then you have a high chance of getting the perfect used wheelchair van that fits your needs and budget. To get the best used wheelchair van for your money, check out the used inventory at Clock Mobility.

Purchasing a wheelchair van is a significant investment, so make sure you buy it from an accredited dealer. The best way to do this is to make sure that whoever you buy from is certified by the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA). This will ensure that your vehicle meets all federal safety regulations and is eligible for insurance coverage.

You now have all the information necessary to make an informed decision about which wheelchair-accessible vehicle is right for you. We at Clock Mobility have been offering a wide range of new, used, and converted handicap vans for over thirty years now. If you have been considering purchasing a new wheelchair van, feel free to contact us with any questions. We would love to be of any assistance in your buying process.

As the caregiver for a family member, you can choose a wheelchair van based on the needs of the person in your care. Wheelchair vans come with rear entry access or side entry access, and one can sometimes work better than the other in certain situations.

Tip #1: Shop around. Check out wheelchair van dealerships online and nearby to see what they have in your price range. There are also mobility classifieds online, where individuals list only wheelchair-accessible vehicles for sale.

Tip #5: Read Company Reviews and Testimonials Before You Buy. The most reliable online and local wheelchair van dealerships appear on review sites like Yelp and Google Local. Company web sites should feature customer testimonials.

When you contact The Creative Mobility Group, we will connect you with your very own mobility consultant. Think of your mobility consultant as your personal shopper who will be your go-to person guiding you through the entire process of purchasing a wheelchair accessible van or outfitting your vehicle with adaptive equipment. To get started, we will schedule a time for you to meet with your mobility consultant one-on-one. A personal appointment is the best way for us to provide the VIP treatment you deserve. For your convenience, we can schedule a phone appointment, virtual appointment, or an appointment at our dealership or even at your home.

Meeting with your mobility consultant is nothing more than an opportunity to ask questions and learn. It is not a high-pressure sales pitch, because that's not who we are. We're simply here to help you. This is a time for you to discover what's possible. From wheelchair accessible vehicles to adaptive driving equipment, your expert mobility consultant will be able to answer all your questions. We'll probably even answer questions you didn't even you know you had! Additionally, we will take this time to learn more about you so we can determine how we'll be able to best meet your needs.

We'll help you find the vehicle that fits your lifestyle needs. How many passengers does your vehicle need to accommodate? Do you need a vehicle that is capable of towing? Where will you be parking your vehicle? These are just a few of the many lifestyle factors your mobility consultant will discuss with you to gain a thorough understanding of how you will be using your accessible vehicle. To confirm which wheelchair van type best fits your lifestayle, you may even consider utilizing our Try-Before-You-Buy Program. You can rent different types of wheelchair accessible vans to help make a purchase decision and we'll apply up to 3 days of rental fees toward your purchase.

We'll help you find the vehicle that fits your financial budget. To accommodate a range of budgets, we offer a variety of both pre-owned and new wheelchair accessible vehicles in addition to unique vehicle modifications to assist with your mobility.

Once your mobility consultant has helped you find the perfect wheelchair accessible vehicle, your mobility dreams will finally start to feel like a reality. But before you hit the open road, you'll want to know that you and your new investment will be protected. The Creative Mobility Group offers a comprehensive line of protection programs designed specifically to provide wheelchair van owners with peace of mind throughout their vehicle ownership. This suite of programs includes extended service contracts, emergency roadside assistance, and prepaid maintenance memberships. Your mobility consultant will assist you in determining which of these protection programs are a good fit for you.CMGuardTMExtended Service Contracts

Financing & LeasingTo ensure that you get the most favorable financing terms, we partner with lenders who understand the value of your wheelchair conversion and mobility equipment. Then we negotiate the best financing deal for you based on your financial history, vehicle chosen, and desired monthly payment.

The Creative Mobility Group has teamed up with wheelchair van finance experts to be able to offer the best financing and leasing programs to make purchasing an accessible van as affordable as possible. With loan options for no money down and extended finance terms up to 10 years, your mobility consultant will help design a finance solution that will fit your budget.

We have been helping people in our Michigan communities purchase wheelchair accessible vehicles for over 40 years, and we look forward to having the opportunity to assist you. To get connected with a mobility consultant, please complete the form below.

Buying a used wheelchair van is no easy feat. Thanks to advanced technology, there are now many options available to those searching for mobility vehicles. If you are in the market for a new wheelchair-accessible vehicle, or a used one, it will always be beneficial to research your choices and available conversion options first.

First of all, decide what you have as a budget. Keep this number in mind when researching used wheelchair-accessible vehicles near you. Be sure to communicate to each mobility dealership upfront on the budget that you are comfortable with spending. This will help them narrow down the available vehicles in their inventory.

Keep in mind when searching for a used wheelchair-accessible vehicle, you can always add on new modifications or find one that is already equipped with accessibility features that are needed. At Auto Express South, our mobility consultant will go over ALL of this with you and keep everything within your allocated budget. We even work with our clients on funding and financing options.

There are various types of wheelchair-accessible vehicles in the market such as minivans converted for wheelchair access with side- or rear-entry. You must know about the basic features of the different wheelchair vans and what will work best for you. 041b061a72


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