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Hard Disk Sentinel 4.40 Serial 12

3.7014/9/2011Improvements and new features: displaying lifetime writes for SSDs or lifetime start/stop count for hard disks (if available)displaying current TRIM status of SSDsdisplaying daily minimum temperatures improved text description for both HDDs and SSDs and special situationsoption to specify standard width for sidebar gadget (Configuration -> Status window)

hard disk sentinel 4.40 serial 12

Improved hardware support:improved LSI RAID controller supportimproved power on time detection for mobile hard disks, SSDs and SCSI hard disksadded Intel SAS RAID controller support (RS2BL080, RS2WC040, RS2WC080, etc.)added support for SAS expanders (Intel RES2SV240, Supermicro CSE-M28E2, etc.)added Intel Z68 RAID controller support, displaying both SSD and hard disk statusadded support of external RAID enclosures with 2-8 hard disksadded support for ICY Dock (2x2.5" -> 3.5" converter)added support for VIA VT6421 RAID controllerimproved compatibility for some USB hard disksimproved detection for older hard disks (small capacity Quantum, WDC, Maxtor drives)100+ new hard disks and SSD models added to database

Bug fixes, further modifications:improved report sendingimproved listing of S.M.A.R.T. attributes, keeping selected attribute when new hard disk selectedimproved display of offline disk informationinvisible mode fixes (service mode without displaying user interface, just issue alerts and provide details via WebStatus)all tray icons can be hidden (no need to display at least one tray icon)tray icon menu fiximproved disk surface test (random, butterfly test improvements; fix for Windows 2000)fixed date/time format on some Windows 7 systems3.609/5/2011Improvements and new features: File -> Open status of offline disk(s) Load and display previously saved disk status and statistics for any hard disk / SSD previously connected. (registered version only) File -> Windows Volume/RAID Information Display Windows Logical Disk Management information including software RAID statusReport -> Save Authentic Disk Report Save report about selected hard disk(s) and protect the report to prevent unauthorized change (ideal for disk resellers / maintenance) (registered version only)Report -> Verify Authentic Disk Report Verify if the previously saved authentic disk report is valid (registered version only)detect volume information (partition style, type, alignment, cluster size)display more details in Random seek Test windowdetect and display if TRIM is supported and enabled in the OS for an SSDimproved text description for HDD/SSD specific attributes

Improved hardware support:better detection on LSI RAID controllersimproved power on time detectionimproved real time performance displayimproved 3ware controller support: detection of SATA, SAS disksimproved AMD RAID controller support: detection of one disk per RAID arrays (limited by the RAID controller) when the latest driver is used from Driver Zoneimproved Intel RAID controller supportimproved Marvell 6G SATA controller supportimproved acoustic management / advanced power management settingproper detection of new SSD controllers (Marvell, Sandforce, Intel, JMicron, etc.)proper detection of new SSD models (OCZ Vertex3, Intel 320, Intel 510, etc.)general improvements for Samsung drivescompatibility issue with Samsung S1 mini fixedcompatibility issue with OCZ Revodrive fixed (incorrect temperature reported)

Bug fixes, further modifications:improved display and responsible user interfaceimproved FTP upload supportimproved disk surface test, display, result processingimproved e-mail sending with SSLfile issues fixedfailed startup on 200% DPI setting 3.5017/12/2010detection of SATA/PATA disks configured to RAID arrays on JMicron JMB36X / Gigabyte GBB36X RAID controllersDriver update is required from the Driver Zone to get all for dual drive enclosures with standalone (port multiplier) mode (Welland ME-280J, Welland ME-580J, etc.)added Turkish language support, thanks for oFLee team : Sadri Sadi Berber ve Behçet Berber compatibility enhancements with various SSDs and RAID controllersimproved Advanced Format supportenhanced disk test on Advanced Format drivesimproved surface tests, write tests for Windows 7/2008/Vistaimproved dynamic DNS update functionsimproved compatibility with external devices added/removed during sleep or hibernation stateimproved tray icon support for Windows 7/2008/Vistaimproved sidebar gadget (displays coloured temperature values, logical disk information, etc.)user interface fixes and improvements3.404/11/2010detection of SATA disks configured to RAID arrays on INTEL Matrix RAID controllers (ICH7R / ICH8R / ICH9R / ICH10R / Series 3400)Driver update may be required from the Driver Zone to get all information.improved health calculation and information reporting for various SSD and HDD devicesreporting Advanced Format: physical sectors with 4096 bytesimproved surface testuser interface fixes and improvementsbug fixed with attribute database3.308/9/2010detection of SATA disks configured to RAID arrays on Silicon Image RAID controllersadded DISK menu to main menu with disk related functionsadded Advanced Power Management of individual disks (*)added Free Fall control management for 2.5" hard disk drives supporting this feature (*)option to configure custom yellow / red temperature threshold levels for each drivesoption to delay startup when started with Windowsoption to disable popup before shutdownimproved network drive detection and supportadded Load Activation Keyfile button to make offline activation easierdisplaying and reporting NTFS mount points for drivesImproved hardware support:improved detection of large RAID arraysadvanced detection of SSD controllers: SandForce, Marvell, Indilinx, Amigos, JMicron, Samsung, Toshiba, Intel, Phison controllers improved detection of SSD specific attributes, health and temperature (if supported by the SSD)improved detection of exclusively locked drivesimproved JMicron JMB36X / Gigabyte GBB36X hard disk controller supportimproved Windows 98/ME/NT4 supportBug fixes:date display fixedvarious minor bug fixes(*): requires support of hard disk controller driver also

3.2025/6/2010detection of SATA and SAS disks configured to RAID arrays on LSI RAID controllersdetection of SATA and SAS disks configured to RAID arrays on DELL RAID controllersdetection of SATA disks configured to RAID arrays on nForce RAID controllersadded support for USB 3.0 hard disk enclosures, docking stationsadded support for RAIDSONIC USB 3.0 productsusing Media wearout indicator attribute in health calculation for SSDsmore accurate information reported for hard disks and solid state disksimproved health and power on time calculation for various devicesimproved support for Promise hard disk controllersuser interface improvementsimproved compatibility with older OSes (Win98, WinME, WinNT4)improved network reliabilityimproved surface test reliability100+ new drives added to hard disk database3.1018/2/2010added SSL support for sending mails, allows the use of Gmail accountsor other accounts requires SSL authenticationadded support for dual-disk USB enclosures including Western Digital MyBook Premium II and SilverStone SST-DS221improved support for Adaptec, Promise, ITE hard disk controllersadded option to hide/show labels on S.M.A.R.T. graphsdisplaying logical drives and labels on disk buttonscompletely new real time performance monitoring enginecompletely new network engineimproved speed of detection on slower disk controllersdetects and monitors up to 100 hard disks"Mail test" sends test mail with the external module also (toprevent firewall issues) if one or more project(s) configuredadded FINNISH language files (thanks to Jarkko Mäkineva for translation)added RUSSIAN complete help (thanks to Andrey Nikolaev for translation)user interface fixes and improved speed under Vista, Win7 user interface fixes with large fontsfixed anti-aliased tray iconsfixed configuration window closing issuefixed display of "unregistered version" labelfixed display of partition labelsimproved display of USB VID/PID informationuser interface improvements improved compatibility 3.0030/10/2009(*) disk surface test functions (accessible from File menu or by quick button) to test hard disk and solid state disk surface with different read and write test methods.Destructive and non-destructive tests are possible and many settings are available including complete simpleread tests, disk re-initialisation (**), data area refresh (**), industry standard data-destruction (**) and so to help disk diagnostics and repair. Temperature and data transfer speed is measured and displayed during the test to analyse disk operation and slowly accessible regions(*) Disk Contents Inspector allows to check stored information on the diskdetection of both SATA and SAS disks configured to RAID arrays on HighPoint 1xxx and 2xxx series RAID controllers (SAS only if applicable, for example by the 2640x4 controller)detection of new USB drives, SATA multipliers, external enclosures, SAS drivesmore SSD specific information and attributes displayed for various SSD devices (for example OCZ, Corsair, Super Talent, Intel, Samsung, Crucial and so)added detection of new SSD devices(*) verify results online: compare details of a drive with reports received online, to check if the drive is better or worse than average ("globe" with HDD icon)(*) right click over list of logical drives to hide drives or select button sizesdisplaying highest temperature ever found in the entire lifespan of the disk, option to reset measured highest/lowest temperaturesconfigurable tray icon font (Configuration -> Thresholds/tray icon)option to prevent disks from spin down (Configuration -> Disk control)(*) Hard Disk Sentinel API: 3rd party software can get disk information from the software for further processingmany user interface fixes and improvements150+ new hard disks in databasevarious minor bug fixes and improvementsfixed: random seek time test resulted errors on some disks over 1 TBimproved support for ARECA RAID controllers with STORPORT driversadded Bulgarian language support - thanks for Georgi Nenov for the translationadded Greek language support - thanks for dancer_69 for the translationadded Swedish language support - thanks for Ulf for the translationadded Russian language support - thanks for Andrey Nikolaev for the translation(*): available only in registered Hard Disk Sentinel and Hard Disk Sentinel Professional(**): available only in registered Hard Disk Sentinel Professional2.9026/6/2009random seek test function (File menu or by quick button or from Acoustic Management window) to test hard disk noise, seek performance and temperature during long test and excessive usagedetection of disks configured to RAID arrays on ARECA RAID controllersdetects up to 24 disks on 3ware/AMCC and Areca RAID controllersdetection of disks connected to Silicon Image PATA and SATA controllersdetection of disks connected to NVidia NForce, VIA, ITE controllersdetection of new USB drivesdetection of different SSD devicesmore details and features of SSD devicesright click over list of drives to hide drives or select button sizesadded hints when mouse is moved over list of drives+/- icon symbol, if one or more attribute offset is enabled and they affect the displayed informationmany user interface fixes and improvementsimproved and more flexible projects (ignore files in use, allow file-masks in e-mail/FTP projects, etc.)improved reports500+ new hard disks in databasefixed: copy alerts to clipboard was not working properlyfixed: disk log attribute issuesvarious minor bug fixes2.8124/2/2009minor fix with displaying S.M.A.R.T. details 2.8020/2/2009compatible with Windows 7 32/64 bit (including service mode, auto-start, gadget, etc.)improved Vista compatibility and user interfaceimproved hard disk details for newer disk drivesimproved detection and display of USB devicesadded support of 3ware 7xxx controllers (detecting and displaying details about drives in RAID arrays)added support of Samsung, Intel SSD devicesimproved tray icon handlingimproved disk power on time calculation and display from the first launchbetter detection of Seagate FreeAgent and Maxtor external disksdisplaying more details in the text description, based on disk and controller type, healthreports contain CPU, physical and virtual memory usageimproved temperature graphsshowing maximum and minimum temperature ever measured for all disksimproved speed, lower CPU usagevarious other improvements (tray icons, disk health and temperature meters, etc.)fixed project schedule under Vista and newer OSfixed Sidebar gadget under Vista x64fixed the error displayed during connection with server, improved connection stabilityfixed minor issues when Fahrenheit temperature unit is selecteduser interface fixes (configuration and main window)2.706/11/2008Added support for newer NVidia chipsets and different previously unsupported controllersAdded 300+ new hard disks to databaseProperly support Dutch language (thanks to Geert Pirens)Properly support Ukrainian language (thanks to Alexey Lugin)Improved speed and responsiveness of the software Detecting and displaying hard disk controller and location informationDetecting and displaying new disk features (free-fall control, NV cache size, etc.)Detecting and displaying more version and transport detailsMenu and report changes, improvementsA new icon showing the real-time disk usage is automatically displayed after installing or upgrading to this version:The icon shows the actual disk usage for read (upper light blue bar) and write (lower orange bar) operations on all hard disks. It is empty (no bars, just a hard disk icon) if the disk usage is very low or zero. Total data read and written in the current session and actual data transfer rates are displayed in the hint of the icons.If you want to disable this feature, please do the following:- right click on the tray icon and select "Configuration"- in the window, please select "Hard Disk Drives" page (it is the default)- uncheck "Display total disk usage on a single tray icon" option (last one)After pressing "OK", the icon will disappear.2.60b31/7/2008Added support for 3Ware ATA RAID controllers: displaying full hard disk information about all hard disks in the array(s). It is possible to modify acoustic configuration and test hard disks individually also. Tested with 3ware 8006-2LP PCI64 SATA1 RAID controller, 3ware 9550SX-4LP PCI-X SATA2 RAID controllerAdded support for SunPlusIT USB-bridge chipsAdded support for Initio USB-bridge chipsAdded support for Prolific USB-bridge chipsConfiguration -> Hard Disk Drives: Added option to display hard disk usage (activity) indicators on tray icons: these show the actual disk usage for read (upper light blue bar) and write (lower orange bar) operations. Total data read and written in the current session and actual data transfer rates are displayed in the hint of the icons.Note: the unregistered version can only display one combined icon for all disks (but not individual icons for each hard disks)Detection of power status of hard disks, keep sleeping disks in sleeping status (except when started). Displaying sleeping status on disk usage (activity) indicators (3rd icon on the above image, "zz" in a bubble).For example on the above picture: copying from disk #0 to disk #2 while disk #1 is in sleep mode. Disk usage (activity) of disk #0 is high (3 light blue "leds") but it still wait to disk #2 which is writing at full disk usage (4 orange "leds") so the bottleneck is disk #2. Usually all "leds" are visible under defragmentation.Added option to display only part of S.M.A.R.T. attribute raw data (High/Middle/Low word) on the attribute graph and in the attribute tables (only if decimal attribute values are selected)Improved detection and health display on older Maxtor hard disksMinor fixes (sound alert, tray icons, performance counters)PRO Version:Adding unicode processing method, correctly handling files with unicode characters in their nameAdded "Backup Control" page to configure backup operations and control synchronize options, specify filtersAdded one-way and two-way synchronization options for backup operationsAdded easy configuration of source and target folders (select folders quickly with checkboxes)Added option to Pause and Continue execution of archiving projects2.5020/5/2008improved compatibility with Vista and UAC: does not ask for privileges after installation and startupadded lowest hard disk health [XX %] to the subject of


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