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Crackle APK - How to Enjoy Free Entertainment on Android with Uptodown

Crackle APK Uptodown: A Free Streaming Service with Lots of Content

If you are looking for a free streaming service that offers a lot of content for your entertainment needs, you might want to check out Crackle APK. Crackle is a service that provides thousands of movies and TV shows from various genres and sources, including some exclusive and original content that you won't find anywhere else. You can download Crackle APK from Uptodown, a website that offers APK files for Android devices. In this article, we will tell you more about what Crackle APK is, how to download it from Uptodown, what are its features and benefits, and what are some alternatives to it.

crackle apk uptodown

What is Crackle APK?

Crackle APK is the Android version of Crackle, a free streaming service owned by Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment. Crackle was launched in 2004 under the name Grouper, and later changed its name to Crackle in 2007 after being acquired by Sony Pictures. In 2018, Sony sold Crackle to Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, which rebranded it as simply Crackle.

Crackle offers thousands of movies and TV shows from various genres and sources, such as action, comedy, crime, drama, horror, thriller, black entertainment, westerns, and classic TV. Some of the content comes from Sony Pictures, Columbia Pictures Continuing the article: Uptodown and enjoy its features and benefits on your Android device. You can also explore other alternatives if you want more choices or diversity in your streaming experience. Whether you are a fan of action, comedy, drama, horror, or anime, you can find something to watch on Crackle or its alternatives. Happy streaming!


Here are some frequently asked questions about Crackle APK and its alternatives:

  • Is Crackle APK legal and safe to use?

Yes, Crackle APK is legal and safe to use, as it is owned by a legitimate company and does not host any pirated or illegal content. However, you should always download the APK file from a trusted source like Uptodown, and scan it for viruses and malware before installing it.

  • What are the minimum requirements to run Crackle APK?

The minimum requirements to run Crackle APK are Android 4.4 or higher, 1 GB of RAM, and 100 MB of free storage space. You also need a stable internet connection to stream the content.

  • Can I watch Crackle APK offline?

No, you cannot watch Crackle APK offline, as it does not support downloading or caching the content. You need to be online to stream the content.

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  • Can I cast Crackle APK to my TV?

Yes, you can cast Crackle APK to your TV using Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, or other compatible devices. You can also use an HDMI cable to connect your Android device to your TV.

  • How can I contact Crackle support or give feedback?

You can contact Crackle support or give feedback by visiting their website and clicking on the "Help" or "Contact Us" buttons. You can also email them at or follow them on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube.


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