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Instagram Story Download APK: How to Easily Save Any Story on Your Device

In the next step, a list of the albums created by the highlights of the username you wanted to download from will be created. Once you pick an album on the list, you will be able to see highlighted stories from that album. Finish the download process simply by clicking the link below the story.

You can only download Instagram stories on your iPhone using 3rd party downloader apps or Safari web browser. Due to your device's features, downloading can only work on the iOS 13 or higher versions. Visit and access the download link with a simple click.

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You can download your Instagram stories on your Android device using the most stable web browser, Chrome, simply by visiting Just follow the necessary steps and save the stories you want to download to your device in seconds.

First step is to access using the recommended up-to-date Google Chrome browser. You can then download stories or highlights by following the steps. You can open downloaded video files using VLC Player.

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Story Saver is a free multimedia app that retrieves clean photo or video stories from Instagram. This tool makes it easy to download media files to your device without the on-screen text and icons often seen on IG stories. Note that this is a third-party app and that it is not affiliated with Instagram.

Story Saver has a user-friendly interface that allows for hassle-free navigation. You can log into your Instagram account or use the app as a guest. The former option lets you easily download the photo or video you want. Once retrieved, you can easily access them in the Downloads section of the app.

Story Saver is ideal for downloading IG story photos or videos from your favorite accounts. It's easy to use and even allows you to browse the social networking site within the app. This tool even offers two ways to download photos or videos. However, ad-blocking the URL box can be annoying.

InstaSave - Download Instagram Video & Save Photos is a free and handy utility tool developed by Hyper Tornado for mobile devices. This lightweight app empowers you to save, download and repost any video or photo you've seen on Instagram. As far as everyone knows, the download and repost functions aren't possible to do on Instagram unless you use third-party apps like this Instasave mobile app. It is easy to use and requires no login to experience what it can provide.

Aside from allowing you to download and save video as well as photo contents from Instagram, Instasave gives you the liberty to zoom in and out on the Insta content you're looking in, as well. Insta videos seen with this utility, support video play features such as fast forward and rewind. Moreover, the hashtags used in the Insta post can be copied effortlessly, saving you some time.

Once you have opened your Instagram, a three-dot menu button is seen just right above every Insta post. You will need to click on that and tap the 'Copy Share URL' button, afterward. To download the photo or video successfully, you must go back to the InstaSave application and paste the copied URL. To download, repost or copy hashtags, just click the right arrow button.

InstaSave - Download Instagram Video & Save Photos is an efficient utility tool that will allow you to do more with Instagram content. The missing features like download, repost, copy hashtags, etc. in Instagram can easily be used in this application. You only need to copy and paste the URL of your preferred photo or video and the app will do the rest.

Video downloader for Instagram Reels Story Saver offers users a convenient way to save videos from their timelines without having to worry about any complicated processes. There are two ways for users to download videos using the app; they can either copy the link to a post or story and paste the URL into the app or look at the sharing options for a post and choose to save it.

When you are scrolling Instagram feed and you have found some interesting Instagram videos and you think, I wish I could save them in my phone gallery and watch them offline when I want, but Instagram directly did not allow you to download any of Instagram Video.

So, To solve this problem, we introduced the Instagram Video Downloader by We designed this tool with understanding each prospectus of our user where you quickly, safely, fastly, and anonymously download Instagram video.

The best part of this tool is that you will download Instagram video without entering your personal login details because we use Instagram API so we provide directly provide downloading from Instagram. So, you did not need to create an account here for downloading Instagram videos. So, no need to log in or signup here for Instagram Video Download.

Before downloading a video from Instagram you must have a link to that video which you want to download and paste that video link in the Instagram video downloader input box (we describe in brief in this blog the way of copy your video link.

On Instagram, there are lots of good creators where they share some cool kind on content in the interest of Inspirational, Funny, Love, Educational and many more and sometimes we need to download for own self for own help or want to share with our friend, family, cousins, girlfriend & boyfriend, etc. But the same situation there, there is no option to directly download.

We understand very well and sometimes we face the same problem then suddenly that idea comes that like me other users are also facing the same problem then we decided to make the Instagram Video Downloader tool which provides Instagram Video downloading to the users in a safe, secure, or anonymously way.

We also decided that users always never download the additional app for video downloading so, we introduce the web tool which provides you with Instagram video downloading without any additional app download and we launch our web tool for Instagram downloading.

One of the most well-known and widely used social networking platforms is Instagram, which has billions of members worldwide. Despite being such a fantastic tool, it lacks several features that people genuinely want. People choose customized apps because they give them access to more features, and Instander is one such fantastic modified program. You can download this modified program on any Android device because it was created especially for users of that operating system.

With just one swipe on your Android device, the enhanced downloader 2.0 that comes with the Instander lets you immediately download any media. It might be convenient for you to use the original version of Instagram. Still, when it comes time to download media files like videos and photographs, you will need to download a second media downloader that is compatible with Instagram and your device.

If you want to keep in touch with your friends, family, or even business associates, you can use this app to send them messages. Some private accounts removed their DM option to an unknown person, and you can directly message them using this app. The app even enables you to send unlimited messages to any private account. All you have to do is download the app and follow the prompts to get started.

You can find the official latest version of Instagram in the Google Play Store, but for the Instander app, download it from our site. Remember that you should uninstall the official Instagram app before installing this mod.

Instander ios emoji apk is a very useful InstaMod for Android that allows you to quickly download Instagram photographs, saving you time from waiting for the photos or videos to download from the internet. Your main memory, internal storage, or external SD Card can all be used to download your favorite pictures, videos, and IGTV content. Videos cannot presently be downloaded in 4K quality. However, photographs can be downloaded in Full-HD/4K quality.

You will like using InstaPlus app if you decide to download it. The fact that this modified version of Instagram is loaded with excellent features prohibited in the official Instagram app is one of the main reasons why most users like this app. For that reason, you need to download this Instagram Plus APK.

The user often asks this before downloading the software, so it must be crucial. Because it is only an advanced version of the official Instagram app, using it on your Android phone is entirely risk-free and without cost. Many people have used this app for almost two years, and no security problems have been found.

Almost everyone who wants to download the stories on Instagram has already downloaded Instagram+. Unique story download possibilities are included in the InstaPlus APK. This is primarily why this Android software has gained so much attention.

Whether the story is video or audio, you may download it. Public stories may be downloaded without restriction, regardless of whether the author is a friend. To get the download started, all you have to do is open the Status tab and then click the Download option there.


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