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Imagine Dragons - My Fault \/\/TOP\\\\

It's most likely about suicide either physical or mental, because he sings "Is it my fault?" which people who watched suicide happen think "What could I have done to stop them?" and he sings about his hands trembling and things, that show someone long gone is missing him and vice versa

Imagine Dragons - My Fault

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He is taking a walk one night. He is watching the nature and seeing how beautiful it is and wishing someone was there with him to experience it. He wonders if is his fault that they are not. He wonders if they are missing as much as he is missing them. I like this song because it sort of seems like he is think out loud. It is simple, yet very deep.

I think it's about a man who is broken and asking himself is it my fault ( talks about the conflict towards his relationship with someone) . He's been in different places but don't know why he's even there.

I think the song is about the lead singe, Dan Reynolds, trying to understand why he feels like he is losing all of his friends. He has said before that he feels like his old friendships are fake and hard to keep up now that his band is big. He doesn't know if it's his fault or if there really even is a problem with his friendships. Maybe when he wrote the song himself and his wife were getting through hard times and Daniel didn't know if he was just screwing everything up.

I think its about seeing how everything went wrong your fears are reality and wondering what to do where to run and hide wondering if its all your fault"is it my fault is it my fault we've been missing eachother" I think this is about losing everyone you love not knowing if it is your fault or theirs

It's about a guy whose girlfriend probably broke up with. He's confused and doesn't know why, and that's why he's constantly asking if it's his fault. He clearly misses the girl, and wants her to be with him but he doesn't understand exactly why.As he says in the song: "Is it my fault, is it my fault? We've been missing each other, we've been missing each other."They haven't been spending much time together, but he loves her and she probably loved him. It's about his confusion if it was his fault she broke up with him. 041b061a72


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