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Marian Falski Elementarz [PL] [.pdf]golkes

Marian Falski Elementarz [PL] [.pdf]golkes

Marian Falski (1881-1974) was a Polish pedagogue and educational activist, who authored the most popular Polish elementary textbook, known as the Falski's Primer . The primer was first published in 1910 under the title Nauka czytania i pisania dla dzieci (Learning to Read and Write for Children) and revolutionized the methods of teaching reading in Poland. It was illustrated by Jan Rembowski and issued in many versions and editions. It was the most frequently published Polish primer and the longest published textbook of this type in the world .

Marian Falski Elementarz [PL] [.pdf]golkes

The most famous sentence from Falski's Primer was "Ala ma kota" (Ala has a cat), which became a symbol of the primer in colloquial Polish. However, this sentence only existed in the primers from the 1930s to 1949. The name Ala was derived from Alina Margolis (later the wife of Marek Edelman), whose mother was a friend of Falski .

Falski's Primer was used by generations of Polish children and adults, both in Poland and abroad. It was adapted to different audiences, such as urban and rural children, soldiers and civilian illiterates . It also underwent changes due to political and ideological influences, especially after World War II, when it was censored and modified to include elements of the obligatory communist ideology at that time . However, compared to the equivalents from other countries of the Eastern Bloc, the propaganda was moderate, although it existed, concerning social issues .

Today, Falski's Primer is considered a classic of Polish literature and culture, as well as a valuable source of historical and linguistic information. It is also a nostalgic reminder of childhood for many Poles. Some editions of the primer are available online in PDF format, such as [this one] from 1927. However, some websites may offer fake or malicious links to download the primer, such as, which is a scam website that tries to trick users into providing their personal information or downloading malware. Therefore, it is advisable to be careful and use reliable sources when looking for Falski's Primer online.


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