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Tomay Dilam Aaj Free Download

Tomay Dilam Aaj Free Download - A Classic Bengali Song by Moheener Ghoraguli

Tomay Dilam Aaj (তময় দলম আজ) is a popular Bengali song by Moheener Ghoraguli (মহনর ঘড়গুল), a Bengali independent music group that is considered to be the pioneer of Bengali rock music. The song was composed by Subrata Ghosh and Joyjit Lahiri, and was released in 1979 as part of the album Garer Math (গড়র মঠ). The song is a romantic expression of a city dweller who gives his beloved everything that the city has to offer, such as the neon lights, the high-rise buildings, the poetry and the art, and also the pollution and the noise. The song has a catchy tune and a poetic lyric that captures the essence of urban life in Kolkata.

If you are looking for Tomay Dilam Aaj free download, you can find it on various online platforms that offer Bengali songs. However, before you download the song, you might want to know more about its history, its meaning, and its impact on Bengali music. Here are some interesting facts about Tomay Dilam Aaj that you might not know:

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  • Moheener Ghoraguli was formed in 1975 by Gautam Chattopadhyay, a singer-songwriter who was inspired by Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and other Western musicians. The name of the band means "Moheen's Horses" in Bengali, and was derived from a poem by Jibanananda Das. The band consisted of Gautam's friends and relatives who shared his passion for music.

  • Tomay Dilam Aaj was one of the first songs that Moheener Ghoraguli recorded in a studio. The band faced many challenges in finding a suitable studio and a record label that would accept their unconventional style of music. They finally managed to record their songs at HMV Studios in Kolkata with the help of Debojyoti Mishra, a young music director who was impressed by their talent.

  • The song was written by Subrata Ghosh and Joyjit Lahiri, who were both members of Moheener Ghoraguli. Subrata Ghosh was also a poet and a journalist, while Joyjit Lahiri was a painter and an actor. They collaborated on many songs for the band, such as Prithibi (পৃথব), Telephone (টলফন), and Khyapar Gaan (ক্ষ্যপর গন).

  • The song features some references to Kolkata's culture and landmarks, such as the pitch-gola roddur (the scorching sun), the footpath ghensha balloon gaari (the balloon sellers on the pavement), the rhododendron (a flower that blooms in winter), and the chilekotha (the attic). The song also mentions some modern aspects of urban life, such as the diesel er ajyonmo ashyash (the harmful effects of diesel), the neon aloy alokito joto restauray (the restaurants illuminated by neon lights), and the shob theke unchu flat bari tar shob theke unchu chaat (the highest roof of the highest flat building).

  • The song has been covered by many artists over the years, such as Sharmistha Deb, Tushar, Rupam Islam, Anupam Roy, and others. The song has also been used in some films and web series, such as Chalo Let's Go (2008), Generation Aami (2018), Tansener Tanpura (2020), and others.

Tomay Dilam Aaj is a timeless song that resonates with many people who live in or love Kolkata. The song is a tribute to the city's beauty and its flaws, its charm and its chaos, its romance and its reality. If you want to listen to this classic song, you can find Tomay Dilam Aaj free download on various websites and apps that offer Bengali music. You can also watch the original video of the song by Moheener Ghoraguli on YouTube. Enjoy the song and share it with your friends!


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